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At Mobility Vehicles Ireland, we only sell Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, so we are experts in this field, having seen many different people in many different vehicles. Below are links to information on this page, that we have found to be helpful to other customers. If you need any more advice or information at all, please do not hesitate to contact our staff, who will be delighted to pass on the benefit of their experience.

Help choosing the right vehicle

For many of our customers, this will be their first purchase of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. We have tried to list below some of the information that you may need to help you with your selection:-

  • Dimensions - Will the wheelchair user fit comfortably into the vehicle?
  • The dimensions that you will need to take are:-
  • Wheelchair Width
  • Total Length (from very front of the wheelchair to the very back)
  • Height (from the stop of the head to the floor whilst sitting)
Measurements of the wheelchair and user to check they will be comfortable in your new car.

For most wheelchair/vehicle combinations, chair width and length is not a problem. However the different vehicles have different internal heights. The 'showroom' section of this website clearly shows the internal headroom of each vehicle so that you can ensure that it is suitable. Don't forget to leave a little clearance. Generally most vehicles will take a chair width of up to 29ins. Please consult us for advice if your wheelchair is wider than this.

Forward view is important to many people. As a general rule, the taller the wheelchair user the less the forward view. For most customers, we are able to suggest a suitable vehicle, but unfortunately for a few, there may have to be a compromise. However, most people are able to find a vehicle to suit.


All vehicle prices are plus VAT at 21.5%. Primary Medical Certificate Holders are able to reclaim this amount.

The following web sites offer useful advice & information:

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